Cohiba BHK52 2010

Cohiba BHK52 2010

Date Reviewed: March 15th, 2011
Cigar Date:  June 2010

When the BHK52, 54 and 56 first hit the marketplace, I (like many others) had a sampler sent over to try each one before deciding which to purchase.  The short version, for me, was that the 56 was too large a ring gauge and too cool a smoke… drowing out the wrapper flavors.  The 54s were well-balanced and tasty… but the 52s delivered a bit more of that wrapper flavor that was truly unique about the cigar.  Needless to say, then… I ended up buying up and smoking through several boxes of the BHK52.

Some buddies and I host a weekly poker-herf at a local cigar lounge every Tuesday, and an out-of-town guest was in… a fellow habanophile… who had not yet tried the BHK52.  In digging one out to gift away…… I was tempted (yet again) to snag one for myself!  I keep SAYING I’m going to age these puppies…… but then I keep smoking and gifting through everything I have.  Such is life…

On appearance, these cigars have most others outclassed.  The wrapper was a bit veiny and rough, but felt silky smooth in my hand… and the roll felt extremely firm when squeezing it a little.  Of course, what really shines is that unique band.  With gold lettering, reflective finishing and even holgrams… it’s definitely the first cigar band I’ve seen that can rival the wow-factor of the Ashton ESG.

The wrappers had a sort of barnyard-earthiness smell to them… complete with some more subtle cedar notes.  The pre-light draw carried flavors of that signature Cohiba earthiness with noticable cedar undertones.  On the lips, however, there was a sort of cedary sweet tang to this wrapper that was extremely evident as something new for Cohiba.  I love the typical Cohiba flavor profiles (particularly the Siglo line), and this one already tasted a great deal like a regular Cohiba Robusto with just that added unique flavor on the lips.

As I lit up, the draw was perfect and huge volumes of smoke and burned a nice tight ash!  Not a ton of aromas were present in the smoke, apart from a little hint of leather, but the initial flavors were quite tasty.  I couldn’t help but think I was smoking a more powerful Cohiba Robusto with an extra sweetness on the lips… and a little more creamy characteristic.  As a fan of those signature Cohiba earthy notes… the immediate flavors equated to pure deliciousness right away!

Just about a half inch in, some spiciness made itself known… along with some definite cocoa flavors coming through the aforementioned creamy earthiness and slight cedary sweetness on the lips.  The flavors were actually a tad more complex than I remembered when these were more fresh just over half a year ago.

Up until the last inch or so, the flavors stayed pretty consistent… but the back end brought on a lot more spice as it started to get warm.  The creaminess sort of faded into the background and it really finished with a bold richness that left my mouth coated with earthiness and cocoa for quite a while after I put down the nub to cool in the ashtray.  That sweet tang never left my lips and truly added to my enjoyment of this cigar!

Final Notes:  This cigar truly tasted like a more creamy and more powerful version of the Cohiba Robusto… and then some added sweet and tangy notes on the lips.  If you’re a Cohiba Robusto fan… you’re going to absolutely love this little cigar, even as fresh and young as they still are today!  Signature Cohiba earthiness, coffee undertones, cedary sweet tanginess on the lips, a light leathery aroma, a perfect draw, great burn, tight ash… and a bold, rich long finish…  How can that description turn anyone away from trying one out?!

Aging Notes:  Particularly right at the head… and definitely into the back end… there was a ton of bold spice present that was just a little bit too much.  I think some more time will likely help mellow that spiciness down… and you’ll be left with those cocoa, earth and cedary notes… sweet tanginess on the lips and a rich finish that doesn’t have any real overpowering spice.  I’m not sure how these will refine in the LONG term… but they DEFINITELY look to age extremely well over the next couple years…… if you can actually stop smoking through them and lay some down for that long.  I’m gonna TRY!  :D